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CARE Czech Republic

The platform “Pro Podnikavé” improves lives of small entrepreneurs

Micro and small entrepreneurs make up about 99% of active businesses in the Czech Republic and employ up to half of the employees. They are the heroes of our economy and sometimes they do not have it easy. That’s why Mastercard Strive™ Czechia has created the Pro Podnikavé online platform to bring small improvements to small businesses to make big things happen. What role did we play in this?


Building global digital business for LINET

Our cooperation with LINET started back in 2018 with the development and launch of the SafetyMonitor digital platform. In the upcoming four years, the partnership has grown considerably. We were temporarily responsible for building a new Smart Solutions segment – LINET’s global digital division, its business results and a flexible handover to the emerging internal team, which we continue to support. 


Assistance service Maják+ give you a helping hand in hard times

An unexpected event, a health complication or stressful and mentally demanding circumstances. Sometimes it can just be too much for each of us. The most vulnerable group are seniors, for whom the complex services and information have long been missing from the Czech market. And that’s what Kooperativa insurance company, together with us, decided to change.

Česká spořitelna

How to adult: Personal finance for the real world

The aim of our project with Česká spořitelna was to teach young people to walk in the world of finance and help them become independent adults. We have found out that Generation Z is often postponing the resolution of their financial affairs and sometimes do not even know what options are available. At the same time, however, they have dreams and wishes that they could fulfill thanks to gaining control over their revenues and expenses.


App that conquered the job market

Lot of work, not enough people. Companies are now looking for ways to attract employees who are not even seeking jobs and make them consider change. This was the beginning of our cooperation with LMC, a company running the two biggest Czech online job portals – and

VR Medical

VR changing the way healthcare is delivered

VR is a technology with huge potential to change fields. VR Medical and the Jufa investment group together with us therefore decided to look for ways to use virtual reality in healthcare for the benefit of patients, medical staff and / or medical device manufacturers. And so far it turns out that we are on the right track.



What benefits do people want with their payment card? Mastercard knows it

Payment card benefits were historically focused on wealthy clientele who travels a lot. Mastercard decided to change it and bring benefits that positively impact everyday lives of their card holders.

Railtrans International

Trains to every company by Railtrans Group

The aim of the project with RTI – a member of the AZC group – was to figure out how small and medium-sized companies could make better use of rail freight transport at the expense of road transport, which is less environmentally friendly, worsens the traffic and the quality of life of residents in both urban and rural areas.

Česká spořitelna

Better together: Financial giants unlocking new opportunities

Česká spořitelna (ČS) and the Kooperativa insurance company – key players in the Czech financial sector – have been cooperating at the group level for a long time. Our joint project aimed at verifying the potential of selling ČS personal accounts through Kooperativa’s sales representatives.


How to clear the name of biofuels and find other ways to use them by Envien

Envien Group, a major CEE producer of biodiesel and bioethanol, was looking for new opportunities for the use of high-shift biofuels (VSBP), which are now supplied in the Czech Republic and Slovakia only as a few percent admixture to diesel and gasoline. 


More effective eco-consulting for the leader on the circular economy market

SUEZ has been on the Czech market for more than 25 years. It is one of the pioneers of circular economy principles in the Czech Republic. Despite that, it’s not one to lie back on its laurels. To ensure its future growth, SUEZ decided to work with us.



PET taming – global circular solution in the making

As a market leader, Mattoni also want to lead the way in sustainability – which is why we are working together on a revolutionary PET bottles and beverage packaging circular processing system.

Albatros media

Mobile app StoryMe. Short stories instead of aimless scrolling through SOME

Less aimless scrolling, more book reading and, oh, also an entirely new way to monetize an already existing content, tap into a new market and reach new customers.


Loan from T-Mobile? YES from the customers

Being the best is not easy. T-Mobile does not take its top position for granted. It is constantly searching for new opportunities. When they decided to discover their potential in the area of financial services, we were there to help.


Get to know your customer and raise sales

Betting – one of the most regulated, highly anonymous field. So how to find out who your customers really are so that you can effectively communicate with them? That was the task for us.


Mooveez or when movies entertain and teach a language

There are a thousand “proven” ways and methods that promise to teach you a foreign language – school, language courses, webinars, apps… Is there even a space for innovation in such a competitive environment? Sure there is! 

Levná tramvajenka

Levná tramvajenka – simple yet brilliant idea

Thousands of people cannot afford to buy long-term public transport passes even though it would be cheaper in the end. We set on to solve this challenge on our own and came up with Levná tramvajenka.

Komerční banka

Through HCD to your client needs

Goal: new products and services that would better respond to the real needs of clients. We took on the challenge, joined forces and helped to find them. Read how we did it in an interview with Monika Drobná, Innovation Head at Komerční banka.

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