Mooveez or when movies entertain and teach a language

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There are a thousand “proven” ways and methods that promise to teach you a foreign language – school, language courses, webinars, apps… Is there even a space for innovation in such a competitive environment? Sure there is! 

Movie – more than 1 000 teachers

Scandinavian countries were an inspiration for the authors of this innovation. Scandinavian region stands out in terms of knowledge of English. You can say that almost every northerner speaks excellent English. That is because they have been watching movies and fairy tales in their original language only with subtitles since early childhood. So even before they start studying English at school, they already have a rich passive vocabulary that is simply activated at school. That’s why their English is so beautiful, lively and colorful. Mooveez uses this principle, improves it and applies it to other languages and in other countries. 

Instead of drilling vocabulary and filling out endless language exercises offered by other apps or traditional school methods, Mooveez brings natural and joyful teaching method. Thanks to a well thought out methodology and tools, it turns the main characters into language teachers. User is gradually adopting the movie’s language and on top of that he is learning entire phrases set in a context which is much more effective than memorizing individual words and grammar. 

Mooveez has been awarded Digital Innovation of the Year by the British Council in 2016. The app took home the main prize at the London finale that saw hundreds of competing projects from around the world. 

Direct People on the scene

The app saw a fast growth in users. However, its creators from Archimedes Inspiration Company had bigger ambitions so they joined forces with us two years after launch. With regards to the set goals, we focused on the so called “growth hacking”. It’s a method that regularly tests hypotheses. These come from hard analysis, individual interviews and observation of users. That allowed us to find weaknesses in the process of turning a user into a paying client. Based on these findings we test partial changes in order to eliminate these weaknesses and trace a shift in users’ behavior towards the product. 

The ultimate goal was to bend up the growth curve by implementing small and simple steps. And that’s what we did. We have tripled the number of people who started to actively use the app after downloading it. The changes also boosted the rating of the app to 4.2, which is still growing. 

What’s in the sequel?

The app is currently teaching 5 languages in more than 40 countries. It has been downloaded by 180 thousand iOS and Android users of which over 3 000 of them are paying members. The creators are currently working on developing the app primarily in the Czech Republic, Poland and Russia. The goal is to increase the number of paying members fivefold in the upcoming months and double the share of those who convert from trial to the paid version in the next two years. To meet these goals we are now planning to expand to Germany.

About Mooveez

Mooveez is an app teaching language trough popular movies in their original version. Using special language functions and exercises it teaches people in 40 different countries. The app was awarded Digital Innovation of the Year by the British Council in 2016.