Building global digital business for LINET

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From the beginning of our cooperation with LINET, we have been developing the LINIS digital platform for them. SafetyMonitor is the first product built on it. We helped LINET launch it in just 6 months. When we decided to enter the markets in the US and other countries, we identified other needs of our customers, i.e. medical staff, nurses and doctors. Based on more than 80 empathic interviews and observations in over 20 hospitals in 6 countries, we created another product – SafetyPort.

Both products are complex solutions with both hardware and software parts to it. Development, sale and support of a software solution was something entirely new for LINET. It was and still is a challenge. Because for LINET it meant changes in more than just one crucial area. The company moved from delivering physical products to offering complex solutions and services. In terms of production, it transformed from classical manufacturing to digitalization. Apart from hardware it now develops software solutions as well. And last but not least it switched from capital sales to steady income from subscriptions.

SafetyPort and SafetyMonitor are now sold in 34 markets around the world. In the first year, we secured sales orders worth millions of Euros, almost twice the set target. We continue to work together to develop Smart Solutions into one of the pillars of LINET’s great business results.

Building global business for LINET has been a great success. But it has also taught us valuable lessons that we can apply to other projects.

About Linet

LINET spol. s r.o. is a major European manufacturer of hospital and nursing beds. Established in the Czech Republic in 1990, it has around 900 employees and manufactures around 40,000 hospital beds every year, the vast majority of which are intended for export to more than one hundred countries worldwide.