How to adult: Personal finance for the real world

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The aim of our project with Česká spořitelna was to teach young people to walk in the world of finance and help them become independent adults. We have found out that Generation Z is often postponing the resolution of their financial affairs and sometimes do not even know what options are available. At the same time, however, they have dreams and wishes that they could fulfill thanks to gaining control over their revenues and expenses.

Nothing is lost

We designed a solution to turn a game. Instead of financial advisor stereotypes, we have come up with the concept of “independent coaches”. They serve as real partners and financial guides who give assistance to young people in achieving their economic independence.

How does it work?

Whether the client is starting to manage his first money or already has to shoulder some responsibilities, Česká spořitelna website showcases stories of other people to get youngsters inspired to get to the bottom of it all. The next steps involve providing the bank with a phone number or an e-mail address and arranging a meeting. The consultations are free and their frequency only depend on client’s decision, life situation and set milestones. 

On the right track

Based on feedback, we know that the target group appreciates the service and together with them we are now fine-tuning the details. Česká spořitelna is also preparing an information campaign and training other coaches to make the service available anywhere both offline and online. According to the current research, we are expecting interest in the service from more than 25,000 clients and non-clients of Česká spořitelna.

About Česká spořitelna

Česká spořitelna is a banking institution with the longest tradition in the Czech Republic. It is also the biggest with more than 4.6 million clients. It offers its services to individuals and SMEs as well as towns and cities. It also finances big corporations and offers financial consulting. Since 2000 Česká spořitelna is a member of a strong international Erste Group.