How to know your customers while also raising sales

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Betting – one of the most regulated, highly anonymous field. So how to find out who your customers really are so that you can effectively communicate with them? That was the task for us.

People bet anonymously. Therefore, it is hard to communicate with them. What to do about it?

Majority of Sazka’s customers are betting directly at the so called Sazka terminals. Most of them also do it anonymously and thus cannot be identified while betting. This makes it difficult for Sazka to effectively communicate with its customers and to potentially raise its turnover. That is why they created the Sazka loyalty club. Hundreds of thousands of players became members and got their loyalty card. However in terms of its usage there was room for improvement. People did not have strong enough need to use it or did not have it with them at all. So the task and the goal for Direct People in this project was straightforward – find out how to motivate people to use the card more often so that at least 40% of transactions could be linked to a concrete customer. And possibly to increase the bet volume as well.

Collecting experience, understanding problems

How did we approach the problem? We call it discovery but it is essentially a field work where we meet users and customers and conduct detailed interviews (so called empathies). The goal was to get as many insights as possible regarding the loyalty club as well as betting as such.

We headed to newsstands across the Czech Republic to collect stories from both sellers and customers. Sazka management also conducted empathic interviews as part of their managerial conference in Tábor.

Losing is painful. Immediate additional game is a solution.

When we put together our findings we started to build two different concepts. The basis for both was the realization that long series of losses are demotivating. That is why we came up with an idea to compensate for a clearly defined series of losses with a win. However, because of the existing legislation we did not test this idea. The second option was to offer the betters to play an additional game immediately. We decided to move this idea further.

Kolo Štěstí – functional application at 8 selling points in just 2 months

We designed the prototype architecture and a way to find out whether it will be successful or not.

Sazka Klub kole štěstí

In two months we have developed a fully functional web application with a working title Kolo štestí (Wheel of Fortune). We tested it at 8 selected selling points, where people turned it around more than 10 000 times.

It turned out that the concept was very attractive to customers including casual players, who were the primary target audience of this project. People enjoyed the unexpected wins. Over the course of two months we gave away 50 000 CZK twice, 20 CZK and 60 CZK countless times and one lucky winner took home 100 000 CZK in the final consumer game.

Mission accomplished. Identified payments grew by 200%.

The only condition to play Kolo štěstí was to use the loyalty card to purchase Sazka products. And a result? Prototyping in the selected newsstands led to 200% growth in identified players meaning that we exceeded our target by far. We also managed to increase the overall sales by 12%.

What is good and what is next?

Sazka is now working to develop a solution that should be put into trial operation at the turn of the year 2019/2020. However, what is more important is that we managed to engage the entire Sazka team and prove that you can try and implement new and functional things even in one of the most regulated and conservative environments.


„We wanted to understand the behaviour and wishes of our customers and attend to their real needs. We were looking for a way to build a product that will truly be to their taste. Our cooperation with Direct People showed us that such solutions can be found. Moreover our people are different after working on Kolo štěstí project. We are no longer inventing what the customer wants in the meeting room but we are asking them directly.”

Aleš Veselý
Chief Marketing Officer SAZKA

About Sazka

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