Better together: Financial giants unlocking new opportunities

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Česká spořitelna (ČS) and the Kooperativa insurance company – key players in the Czech financial sector – have been cooperating at the group level for a long time. Our joint project aimed at verifying the potential of selling ČS personal accounts through Kooperativa’s sales representatives. We were trying to find a legally and operationally functional business model and a solution that would benefit both parties commercially. Last but not least, we wanted to provide clients and sales representatives with a service that would have long-term impact. 

This is how we do it

As part of the discovery phase, we launched three streams. We conducted in-depth interviews with Kooperativa’s clients to explore what financial services they use and whether Česká spořitelna is attractive to them as a bank, or how they perceive it. In the second stream, we focused on Kooperativa’s sales representatives. The aim was to find out how the sale of ČS banking products in Kooperativa works. We asked sales representatives what they generally think about it and under what conditions the sale makes sense to them. In the last phase, we built a legally functional model for the actual sale of products.

Based on our knowledge and legal analysis, we came up with the concept of account proposing. Kooperativa’s sales representatives do not directly sell ČS’s banking products, but only mention the possibility of obtaining a ČS account on exclusive terms with a number of financial and non-financial benefits.

Win-win cooperation

In the autumn of 2021, we launched a pilot version of the project at four Kooperativa agencies and trained more than thirty sales representatives. After a successful trial version, the project is now being prepared for implementation in the entire Kooperativa sales network. The success is all the greater because the Czech Republic is the first market where such cooperation between the two companies is being implemented.

About Kooperativa

Kooperativa is a Czech general-purpose insurance company with the long-standing support of the Vienna Insurance Group. They offer a complete range of insurance products and services for all types of client, from natural persons to small and large enterprises.