VR changing the way healthcare is delivered

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VR is a technology with huge potential to change fields. VR Medical and the Jufa investment group together with us therefore decided to look for ways to use virtual reality in healthcare for the benefit of patients, medical staff and / or medical device manufacturers. And so far it turns out that we are on the right track.

Future is now

In just 10 months, we have managed to create a product that disruptive rehabilitation care in an agile way with a transformational impact on patients, therapists and medical facilities. We also have obtained a key part of the Medical Device Class I Certification, while running feedback studies in several hospitals and negotiating with major foreign players at an advanced level. Last but not least, at the end of 2021, our project won at the 4DigitalHealth accelerator demo day.

Simultaneously with the stream focused on the use of VR in rehabilitation, we launched another business model that addresses the pre-sales and after-sales care of medical facilities using VR technology. The aim of the project is to provide valuable experience of the product without the need for transportation of heavy and expensive medical equipment to the clients and the ability to train them remotely as a part of after-sales care. Our innovative and cost-effective solution have helped firms meet the needs of clients and provide excellent customer service.

Moreover, we are developing virtual reality medical training for hospital care teams. Since the greatest expense of hospitals is the infection that patients spread and which prolong their hospital stays, we decided to design a training program for medical staff to understand how to properly follow hygiene rules and effectively protect themselves and patients from infection. We have established cooperation with Meditorial, the largest provider of courses for doctors (www.prolekare.cz), to create content of the training and prepare its first pilots together.

And what’s next?

After two years, we handed the project over to an internal team. VR rehabilitation already has paying customers, sales to other hospitals are underway and scaling to other countries is in the pipeline. We keep our fingers crossed for them to get this great product in every rehabilitation department as soon as possible.

About VR Medical

VR Medical is a startup with long-term technological and strong financial backgrounds developing products that enable faster healing, reduce staff overload and minimise risk.