Trains to every company by Railtrans Group

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The aim of the project with RTI – a member of the AZC group – was to figure out how small and medium-sized companies could make better use of rail freight transport at the expense of road transport, which is less environmentally friendly, worsens the traffic and the quality of life of residents in both urban and rural areas.

Project that could drive the future of trains

Interviewing experts and subsequently representatives of the SME segment, we mapped the barriers and opportunities in the field of train transport and identified the advantages and disadvantages of the transition to rail transportation. Lately, we designed a number of concepts and moved the project to prototyping, which had the potential to test the use of trains.

The main problem we had to deal with was the construction of trains and also the last mile, which proved to be a major barrier in train transportation. We tested the possibility of specializing train transport for a specific product and the interest of companies in building its own branch line for the logistics to be as simple as possible.

There’s still time to change the road

The data demonstrated a true interest from companies, but that train transport is very inflexible for the needs of this segment due to the lack of infrastructure, the tracks are congested and the trains do not run fast enough. If we were about to meet the project’s objectives, the interdisciplinary cooperation, the involvement of public institutions, and ideally the use of financial support from the Recovery and Resilience Plan in connection with the objectives of the EU Green Deal would be necessary.

About Railtrans International

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