Levná tramvajenka – simple yet brilliant idea

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Levnátramvajenka.cz makes public transport more available to those who cannot afford an annual pass. Approximately 200 000 people are buying Prague’s public transport monthly pass each month. The main reason is that they cannot afford the annual pass even though it would be cheaper in the end. That is the problem LevnáTramvajenka.cz is set to solve. It enables passengers to buy an annual pass in installments. That way people save up to 1 812 CZK a year. In four years since its launch almost 15 000 clients used it, most of them repeatedly in subsequent years. Between 2017 and 2018 the number of clients grew by 30%. Most importantly our clients love the service and are recommending it to others – that is an entrepreneur’s dream.

We believe in our ideas

The idea for Levná tramvajenka was born while working for a client. In the end the client decided not to carry on with it because it was too removed from his core business. So we took on the challenge ourselves. We believed in its business potential because our research showed that one-third of passengers using monthly passes would prefer annual pass instead but simply cannot afford it.

First 100 clients in a few weeks

We started our market and target group research in December 2014 and launched the website the following month. We reached the first milestone – 100 clients – in just a few weeks despite almost no communication and marketing. In April the service was already financially self-sufficient.

Our first million and investors

In August 2015 we got investors who brought financial stability for long term development. Following that we founded Pendlo, s.r.o. that now owns the project. After a year of operation the project reached one million in turnover. More than two thirds of the clients have bought the pass repeatedly and the proportion of debtors stays well below the customary 3-5%.

We are in Relay newsstands

The project was twice supported by big marketing campaigns. However, it was the word of mouth that helped spread it the most. Customers liked not only the product but also the customer support. Since June 2016 we have been selling Levná tramvajenka at selected Relay newsstands whose number is growing. Each month we have around 400 new customers and this simple yet smart idea has reached more than 15 000 people so far.

What our customers say about Levná tramvajenka:

Zdenka Krejčová: „I thought my annual pass was still valid but unfortunately that was not the case. After being caught and fined by a controller I immediately bought Levná tramvajenka. It is cheaper and I do not have to worry about anything or stand in long queues to buy it.”

Roman Vlastník: „One does not have worry about anything – everything works as it should :)”

Zuzana Fejfarová: „Me and my boyfriend save 300 CZK a month. Even though the annual pass would pay off, we are satisfied and definitely recommend Levná tramvajenka to others who cannot afford to buy it.”