Assistance service Maják+ give you a helping hand in hard times

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An unexpected event, a health complication or stressful and mentally demanding circumstances. Sometimes it can just be too much for each of us. The most vulnerable group are seniors, for whom the complex services and information have long been missing from the Czech market. And that’s what Kooperativa insurance company, together with us, decided to change.

Products that matter

Our cooperation started in June 2019 with a vision to create meaningful modern products and services for the target group. We were working on multiple streams together and in the summer of 2020 we launched the first product – the Maják infoline. Now, two years after the implementation of the product within the entire Kooperativa sales network, we are coming up with its expanded version. Comprehensive assistance and consulting service Maják+.

In one place, people can consult with real experts from the health and social sphere, get advice in the legal or IT field, get support for mental health problems or help with common and emergency situations in the household. Maják+ is available non-stop, and although it is primarily designated for seniors, it can also be used by their loved ones. Anyone in the family is covered, not only the person who purchased the insurance.

How we cooperate

“Our goal in product development was to give the aging generation a sense of self-sufficiency. At the same time, we tried to respond to the high demand for the infoline Maják and offer clients upgraded version of the product. The results of the ongoing cooperation are the sales of Maják+, which exceeded our internal expectations,” said Jaroslav Mojžíš, project leader from Direct People.

In 2022, we are planning to make a minor redesign of the service and cover the situations that clients are most in demand. Maják+ will be also gradually included in the line management of Kooperativa.

“Direct People brought a completely new method of testing and piloting the product innovations to Kooperativa insurance company. Client and his needs are at the very centre of the process. It is based on the real contact of the people who invent the products with the clients directly in the field. I perceive this as a huge added value and we are really thankful for that.”

Ondřej Poul
Director of Personal Lines Claim Division

About Kooperativa

Kooperativa is a Czech general-purpose insurance company with the long-standing support of the Vienna Insurance Group. They offer a complete range of insurance products and services for all types of client, from natural persons to small and large enterprises.