Navigating the rough waters of social and health issues? That’s what Maják is for

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Complex services and information for seniors have long been missing from the Czech market. And that’s what Kooperativa insurance company, together with us, decided to change. Our cooperation, that began in June 2019, aims at creating meaningful, modern products and services for this target group. We started working on multiple streams and in the summer of 2020 we launched the first product – the Maják infoline.

One call instead of a difficult search

In creating the product we built on a number of empathetic interviews and field tests. We often heard that when a senior suffers from health complications it affects the whole family. Family members don’t know what to do, how to find the right and up-to-date information and where to go for advice.

That’s why Maják offers unique consulting in social and health issues, all in one place. In fact, it is a network of experts in these areas who offer thorough and non-stop advice on what to do, what the client is entitled for and how to apply for it in case of a sudden emergency. On top of that, the infoline is not only for seniors but for their family members as well. Global Assistance and Život 90, companies with experience and knowledge unmatched on the market, are partners of the infoline.

We’re not supplier and customer, we are one team

It took less than a year to get the product from zero to market launch. The biggest advantage in our cooperation is the great level of trust and openness inside the team. From the beginning it was clear that this is no ordinary project with client-supplier roles. We work as one team.

Profits in the first months

The sales revenue from Maják exceeded the set targets in just a few months. Total sales are currently nearing the 2 000 pieces mark. Furthermore, we connected Maják to other standard insurance products and prepared an affordable package. Therefore, in case of more serious problems, it can help seniors financially as well.

Maják is the first but definitely not the last product of this cooperation. And we are really proud of how quickly (with the spring lockdown in mind) our joint team managed to create and launch it. Especially because Maják is a product that was really missing on the market.

„Direct People brought a new method of testing and piloting the product innovations to Kooperativa insurance company. Client and his needs are at the very centre of the process. I’m really happy that we took this path and adopted HCD. Our new skills are not the only proof that it was worth it. There are also accomplished business goals. I’m even more satisfied in terms of team work. This was no typical consulting, where consultants gather information and then come back with a presentation a few weeks later. On the contrary, our internal team was involved in all activities and new methods. I am really happy that I got to be a part of it.“

Ondřej Poul
Director of Personal Lines Claim Division

About Kooperativa

Kooperativa is a Czech general-purpose insurance company with the long-standing support of the Vienna Insurance Group. They offer a complete range of insurance products and services for all types of client, from natural persons to small and large enterprises.