Mobile app StoryMe. Short stories instead of aimless scrolling through SOME

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During the day we often have moments that we would like to fill with reading. However, we are too lazy to drag around a book. So we often end up aimlessly scrolling through social networks. On the contrary, one of the largest publishing houses in the Czech Republic, Albatros Media, has tons of literature content and was looking for a new way to bring it to the customers as well as monetize it. That’s why we created the StoryMe app together. 

StoryMe offers high-quality stories that are dosed to you at certain times almost as if you followed the hero’s story on social media. Each part of the story is designed to fill in a few minutes at a time, fit into a longer story, but also to make sense on its own (so that the reader doesn’t have to spend time remembering what happened last).

StoryMe is not only focused on the readers. It is a space for established and (maybe even more so) new authors. It allows them to get their story out of a drawer, show it to readers and get valuable feedback in the form of likes and comments. On top of that they can also earn some extra money, because the readers can support the authors or buy their story directly. 

The app has now been downloaded more than 35 000 times and over 180 000 micro-stories have been read. When the feature to publish your own story was offered to the public, more than 1 500 users expressed their desire to become a StoryMe author. The whole concept was built based on interviews with local book-lovers and it appears that the app is the only one of its kind in the world. 

About Albatros media

Albatros Media is the largest publishing house in the Czech Republic. With tradition going back to 1949, it now publishes over 2000 titles a year.