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1. 3. 2018 CZ  | EN
14. 3. 2018

Inovační jednohubky: Cryptocurencies – Hot or Not?

What will happen if Martin Baroš – CEO of Cryptelo, a company based entirely on cryptocurrencies and blockchains, and Mojmír Hampl – vice-governor of the Czech National Bank, who does not believe that cryptocurrencies can ever become a...

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25. 2. 2018 CZ  | EN
7. 3. 2018

Ramez Naam workshop

Come to a workshop of an international format with us and prepare for the (near)...

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24. 2. 2018 CZ  | EN
5. 3. 2018 - 6. 3. 2018

SingularityU Czech Summit

One small step for a man, one giant leap for Prague. As gold partners, we helped to bring the top visionaries from Silicon Valley to the unique SingularityU Czech Summit that took place in Žofín Palace on 5-6 March Over the course of two days, 20...

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13. 2. 2018 CZ  | EN

A successful Czech application expands. Práce za rohem is now available in Poland.

The end of commuting to work. Práce za rohem is now in demand in Poland. The successful application of Direct People and LMC gained more than 10 thousand users on its first day on the Polish...

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8. 1. 2018 CZ  | EN

How are scientists at Cambridge successful in research but also business

Cambridge University has a very prestigious reputation worldwide. It can boast it employs a total of 96 (!) Nobel Prize winners. And it has also achieved remarkable successes in the field of commercialization of science. This world renowned...

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9. 11. 2017 CZ  | EN

Meet Petr Šídlo, Direct People Partner and CCO

A manager who has innovation in his DNA. An interview with one of the founders of Direct People – Petr Šídlo – on the beginning of his business, the natural naivety of innovations, the most common mistakes, change for the better and the golden...

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6. 11. 2017 CZ  | EN

Direct People entered the Polish market and is preparing for more

The first Czech innovation agency Direct People is expanding. Two months ago it entered the Polish market and is now preparing two further launches. In its new area of operation it helps its clients both with starting up projects established...

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1. 11. 2017 CZ  | EN
15. 11. 2017

Entrepreneurship Week 2017

Entrepreneurship Week is here again. Shall we start something...

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2. 10. 2017 CZ  | EN
18. 10. 2017

Replaying the d.confestival

Design Thinking Septemberfest in Postdam – there is no chance we could miss that. We got an enormous dose of inspiration and a surprising number of eaten...

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28. 8. 2017 CZ  | EN

Innovation agency Direct People buys into IT company Viable One

Innovation agency Direct People has bought 50% share in the IT company Viable One, thus creating a platform for an effective launch of new products and services. The merger of assets took place in...

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25. 8. 2017 CZ  | EN
7. 9. 2017

Future Port Prague 2017

Future Port Prague: We’ll also be appearing at the festival of the...

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19. 6. 2017 CZ  | EN

Czech scientists don’t know how to sell their work, says “technology scout” Navrátil

Jiří Navrátil, the director of scientific technologies at Direct People, on his role as a mediator between science and business, which has no parallels in the Czech Republic. From his doctorate in physical chemistry and biophysics to business...

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4. 6. 2017 CZ  | EN

Minority of young people prefer conventional working hours, says How to succeed with a new app

Freelancer, part-time, home office. The number of people who prefer flexible working hours is...

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29. 5. 2017 CZ  | EN

Profinaut helps to quickly find quality professionals

Companies complain they cannot find quality people. Economists note that the lack of qualified professionals across various fields is beginning to place limitations on the Czech economy. That is why LMC in cooperation with Direct People launched...

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11. 3. 2017 CZ  | EN

7 reasons why HCD really works

Are you considering HCD, but you are not yet 100% sure you want to take this route? Here you will find out why you should definitely say YES to...

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24. 11. 2016 CZ  | EN

Beyond the innovation horizon

In companies it is often the case that innovations are perceived only as one-off activities, and as a result they are not linked to the overall strategy of the company. Great expectations are placed on the results, and if they fail the firm becomes...

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5. 11. 2016 CZ  | EN

Improve what customers really appreciate

When, in designing a solution, we prefer our own criteria to those that matter to our target group, we have a problem. But how can we effectively avoid it? Follow the instructions offered by a book called Service...

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