Inovační jednohubky – Design & Emotion, or the story of the LASVIT company

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25. 9. 2018
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How did a man who once lost at tennis manage to build a globally successful Czech luxury brand, and in doing so save an entire branch of industry and find work he enjoys?

The third jednohubky (=canapés) of 2018 – Design & Emotion – discovered an entirely new world of products that people buy not for their functional value, but for desire, love and beauty. The world of LASVIT was presented on 3 October in the company showroom by founder Leon Jakimič, creative director Maxim Velčovský and head of marketing Marcel Náhlovský. They revealed what enables the firm to grow, and at the same time to retain its creative DNA, and how to apply their original concept of Bohemian precision – a balance between creativity and company processes – to the corporate environment, and thereby set off an avalanche of innovations.

The event, which was attended by the head of the Czech branch of Google Taťána le Moigne as well as other representatives of leading Czech firms, also featured the domestic premiere of the film Breaking Point, which maps the company history, the saving of the traditional Czech glassmaking industry and the linkage of technology with craftsmanship.