Inovační jednohubky: Cryptocurencies – Hot or Not?

CZ  | EN
1. 3. 2018
Reading time: 1 min.

What will happen if Martin Baroš – CEO of Cryptelo, a company based entirely on cryptocurrencies and blockchains, and Mojmír Hampl – vice-governor of the Czech National Bank, who does not believe that cryptocurrencies can ever become a fully-fledged alternative to standard mainstream banking, meet in front of a crowded audience?

Direct People’s ninth Inovační jednohubky (=canapés) took place on 14.3.2018 in the packed premises of our offices. Just as classic canapés are intended to stimulate the appetite for more food, the aim of our canapés is to generate greater interest in current topics. On the theme of “Cryptocurrencies – Hot or Not?” this succeeded to the full.

While Martin Baroš explained the revolutionary technology, that Cryptelo uses to give us control over our data and privacy, Mojmír Hampl of the Czech National Bank assured all present that bitcoin will never make it to the Bank’s official exchange rates. The discussion revolved around regulations, the wider use of cryptocurrencies, initial coin offering as an alternative to the Initial Public Offering as well as the problems faced by firms operating in the area of virtual currencies and blokchains in relations to banks and other institutions.This serving of canapés was wolfed down by leading representatives of the largest Czech banks, consultancy firms, telephone operators, as well as newly established firms and start-ups.