Innovation Week 2018

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1. 5. 2018
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How else than innovatively, how else than with us? From 14 to 20 May throughout the entire Czech Republic.

This year’s Innovation Week, which is an annual nationwide event on the given theme, is due to kick off on 14 May with the “Main Event” at the Forum Karlín in Prague. What awaits you there? All day international conference packed with all-star guest speakers will take place. Top Czech and international firms will present themselves at innovation trade fair, and through numerous seminars you will be able to go more into details and try out some things for yourselves. And we’ll be there with you.

Our technology scout Jiří Navrátil has been invited to speak at the main event – the international conference. In the block from 13.30 to 14.30 he’ll give a talk on the possibilities of co-operation between scientific centers and firms, as well as on how it’s important to have a goal and the right resources. Because those who aren’t able to acquire and make the right use of modern technologies today, will in future most probably go under in the fierce struggle with the competition.

His lecture will be followed on in the afternoon (from 15.30 to 16.15) by Tomáš Bartl, who’ll be taking a look at what precedes or is ought to precede the choice of the right technology, in order to ensure that firms make effective use of technologies to meet their set targets; He will teach you how to detect your customers’ requirements and find technologies that make sense.

Over the course of the day you can visit our stall, where we’ll be glad to take care of you. You can sit down, enjoy some refreshments and we can discuss what’s new, interesting and useful.

We look forward to seeing you.