Inovační jednohubky – Circular Economy

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21. 5. 2018
Reading time: 1 min.

Lower costs, increase profits and save the planet in the process. The jubilee 10th Direct People’s Inovační jednohubky (=canapés) focused on the theme of the Circular Economy – a theme that should shake the world and the Czech Republic, but as yet is unfortunately playing second fiddle. A debate took place on the necessity, as well as the unique opportunities brought by the transition from a linear to a circular economy featuring Pavel Telička, Vice President of the European Parliament, Soňa Jonášová, the founder of the Institute for the Circular Economy, and Zděněk Horsák, founder of the Czech Circulation Company.

All the guest speakers agreed that the circular economy is not only a responsibility and a necessity from an ecological point of view, but also a huge economic opportunity. Pavel Telička revealed how the transition to circular economy could lead to the creation of a completely new industrial sector in the future. Soňa Jonášová focused on the projects that are already successful and discussed ways to set up cooperation in new areas as well. Zděněk Horsák then emphasized the need for new legislation and regulation, support from the state and also the growth of “green purchasing”.

To celebrate this tenth Inovační jednohubky, Direct People in co-operation with the Institute for the Circular Economy unveiled a gift – the first ever study on the circular economy in the Czech Republic.