Future Port Prague 2018

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14. 8. 2018
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Future Port Prague is back. Come and take part in our workshops.

Jiří Navrátil & Petr Šídlo: How to get the results of science to your firm and get ahead of the competition

Date: 6.9.2018, 13.30 – 15.00

The ability to utilize the right technologies is becoming the main competitive advantage for today’s firms. And it’s also a fundamental prerequisite for their survival. But why does co-operation between firms and scientific centres, where new technologies are most frequently generated, fail so often? How therefore are we to configure co-operation between scientists and the firm so that it works effectively and brings satisfactory results for both sides? How are we to create the right innovation strategy, put it into practice and get ahead of the competition? Come to our workshop and learn all you need to know about innovations with the aid of science.

Michal Kalousek & Tomáš Bartl: From an idea to a functioning innovation, or how to gain half a million users within a year and a half

Date: 7.9.2018, 14:30 – 16:00

When launching new products and services onto the market, the most difficult thing is to identify which of the ideas will succeed. Which concept will address the genuine problems and needs of its customers. To identify which innovations people will love and want to buy, and which will fail even despite having phenomenal marketing.

If you encounter the same uncertainty when developing new products and services, then this workshop is just the one for you. Using a specific example, we’ll show you what path to take from the initial idea to its actual realisation, and how to succeed in business and with your users.