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20. 6. 2022 CZ  | EN

Introducing Logo Nuovo created by Pavel Fuksa

We are growing. We are more optimistic and stronger in what we do. Therefore, it is time to move on in visual communication as well. After more than 10 years, we are changing the original logo for a brand that is direct and confident. The new...

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7. 12. 2021

Directly… poslední novinky roku 2021

A jsou tu opět novinky nejen z naší kuchyňky. Přečtěte si náš newsletter, kde se dozvíte třeba o naší spolupráci s Kooperativou, na čem děláme s AZC a také o tom, že jsme se vrrrrhli na VRRRR. Děkujeme za...

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25. 11. 2021

Jak virtuální realita mění zdravotnictví

Virtuální realita ve zdravotnictví představuje obrovský potenciál – jednak pro rozvoj oboru jako takového a zároveň také pro ty, kteří VR uchopí za správný konec. V Direct People s JUFA, CIE Technology a jejich startupem VR...

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27. 2. 2020 CZ  | EN

Josef Dvořák becomes a new partner in Direct People

(Prague) – Innovation agency Direct People has grown its team of partners. In January, Josef Dvořák, who has been with the company for four years, became a new partner. At the same time he took a new position of Innovation Delivery Director...

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21. 8. 2019 CZ  | EN

LINET enters the digital business

It launches a new digital platform SafetyMonitor on the European market and is ready to take on the US with it.   We were there and we are proud of it. In cooperation with us LINET, the third largest producer of hospital and nursing beds in the...

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6. 11. 2017 CZ  | EN

Direct People entered the Polish market and is preparing for more

The first Czech innovation agency Direct People is expanding. Two months ago it entered the Polish market and is now preparing two further launches. In its new area of operation it helps its clients both with starting up projects established...

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28. 8. 2017 CZ  | EN

Innovation agency Direct People buys into IT company Viable One

Innovation agency Direct People has bought 50% share in the IT company Viable One, thus creating a platform for an effective launch of new products and services. The merger of assets took place in...

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29. 5. 2017 CZ  | EN

Profinaut helps to quickly find quality professionals

Companies complain they cannot find quality people. Economists note that the lack of qualified professionals across various fields is beginning to place limitations on the Czech economy. That is why LMC in cooperation with Direct People launched...

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