LINET enters the digital business

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21. 8. 2019
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It launches a new digital platform SafetyMonitor on the European market and is ready to take on the US with it.  

We were there and we are proud of it. In cooperation with us LINET, the third largest producer of hospital and nursing beds in the world, is launching Safety Monitor on the European market.

What can it do? Using the built in bed sensors it allows for continuous monitoring of patient’s information as well as controlling of the main safety settings of the bed.  Any event that is out of the ordinary is immediately signaled to the hospital personnel. They can thus react faster in critical situations and in many cases save the patient’s life.

After launching SafetyMonitor on the markets in the European Union, we are now preparing it for the US as well. This product opens a new door into the field of digital business and healthcare services for LINET. At the same time it significantly contributes to its internal goal of having a turnover of 1 billion euros by 2025 with services making up 50%.

LINET had been working on the SafetyMonitor project for a couple years but due to a successful business expansion to foreign markets and rapid growth of the entire LINET Group, the company did not have internal capacities to finish it. That is why they decided to join forces with us. After six months of cooperation, the product is ready to be launched on all European Union markets. However, it does not end here. We are currently preparing to launch SafetyMonitor on the American market and are also working on other digital products and services. SafetyMonitor is planned to be launched in the USA in mid-2020. However, the pilot installations will take place by the end of this year.

„We are happy we got a chance to work with one of the most successful and innovative Czech companies of the last thirty years. We appreciate that LINET’s leadership gave us their full confidence and we could participate in developing a product that has a potential to fundamentally change the situation in Czech as well as global healthcare industry,“ says Michal Kalousek, CEO of Direct People.

„We had been working on SafetyMonitor development for a while but it was the cooperation with Direct People that brought much needed energy into the whole project and helped to shape the product into its final form. Launching SafetyMonitor is an important historical step for LINET because it marks the first time we are entering the field of digital business and medical services,” says Zbyněk Frolík, founder and owner of LINET.

SafetyMonitor is a very user-friendly and intuitive device that demonstrably makes the work of hospital personnel more efficient. Hospital staff is under extreme pressure:  the majority of healthcare systems worldwide are understaffed while the demand for the amount and quality of work is growing. „Our goal was to increase patients’ safety and satisfaction but also to make life easier for the hospital workers and prevent burnout that is caused by long-term overload. And we seem to have succeeded.  84% of users were satisfied with SafetyMonitor already during the field testing in selected Czech hospitals,says product manager Lukáš Košnar.

How does SafetyMonitor work?

SafetyMonitor helps to increase safety standards in hospitals. It provides clear and complex information about LINET’s beds, patient’s presence in a bed, as well as the location of the bed and its movement within the hospital ward. Using the built in sensors, it is possible to monitor the main safety features and in case any of them is compromised, the situation is immediately signaled to the hospital personnel through a display or a mobile device. That enables nurses to react much faster. Contactless technology is simple to use for both patient and nurse.

SafetyMonitor also offers a constant overview of beds availability and a complete history of alerts. In case the bed is moved to a different room, it automatically connects to a system and its location changes on a monitor in a nurses’ room.

Information from a built in bed sensors are displayed on a monitor or a mobile device with an intuitive user interface. All information is immediately readable from a distance and it uses only two-color signals (yellow and red). If no color is shown, everything is as it should be.

SafetyMonitor records (for example brake status, bed exit alarm, patient weight) can be imported directly to the hospital information system (HIS) using HL7 v2 standards so the hospital personnel does not have to import it manually into the EMR (electronic medical record). It easily pairs the bed data with patient’s EMR record and saves time.

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