Direct People entered the Polish market and is preparing for more

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6. 11. 2017
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The first Czech innovation agency Direct People is expanding. Two months ago it entered the Polish market and is now preparing two further launches. In its new area of operation it helps its clients both with starting up projects established elsewhere, and with entirely new concepts. In addition to this it is concentrating on purely local orders.

(Prague, 6.11.2017) – Direct People office in Warsaw was opened in September, and is managed by Piotr Nejman, an experienced consultant in the field of innovations. The Polish agency is currently working on four projects, and others are being negotiated. “We are running projects for Dr. Max company, and a number of other clients are also showing great interest in getting help with launching their activities on the Polish market. That is why we expect the branch, that currently employs six people, will grow quickly,” says Michal Kalousek, Direct People CEO, who is in charge of the company’s expansion to Poland.

The Polish market is 6-times larger than the Czech market, and its GDP has been growing continuously since 1992. Even during the 2008 crisis, Poland was the only market in Central Europe to grow. “Not only is Poland economically very stable, but people’s needs are very similar to ours, and culturally and historically we also share many similarities with Poles. That is why we chose the Polish market to start our foreign expansion,” adds Kalousek.

“If there is anything that should have no boundaries, then it is innovations – so expanding our scope of operation to Poland, one of the key European markets, makes perfect sense.” says Agáta Meštellérová, investment manager at Penta, who is in charge of the Dr. Max project.

Poland is not the only country where Direct People is planning to expand. “We are also working intensively on our entry to the Slovak and Austrian markets. At the same time we are evaluating the potential of other countries as well. We are exploring both organic and acquisition opportunities,” specifies Kalousek.