Profinaut helps to quickly find quality professionals

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29. 5. 2017
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Companies complain they cannot find quality people. Economists note that the lack of qualified professionals across various fields is beginning to place limitations on the Czech economy. That is why LMC in cooperation with Direct People launched Profinaut – a service that solves this issue quickly and easily.

(Profinaut is essentially a database of proven experts and professionals in various fields, who are interested in flexible forms of cooperation. These are people who are prepared to engage in projects immediately. They are waiting only to be called by the manager of the firm that wants to utilise their skills. The recruitment process for firms can thus be reduced from the standard two to three months to a mere five minutes and one phone call.)

Easily, quickly, without registration or fees…

The whole process is very simple. A manager who wants to supplement his/her team with an expert downloads the app (which exists for both Android and iOS), and without any registration or fees can start searching in a comprehensive Profinaut database. After they find the right fit, all they need to do is to call the candidate and figure out the details of the cooperation. There are currently more than 500 Profinauts specializing in 130 areas, and their services are being utilised by more than 50 companies. The majority of Profinauts have more than 10 years of experience, so it is not difficult to find people to fill even the most senior positions.

Profinaut only upon recommendation

“Firms appreciate the fact that only people who are invited into the network can become Profinauts. The person who invites them is a guarantor of their expertise and skills. It’s not enough to be just friends, they must have real experience, substantiated by cooperation. As a result firms do not need to verify the skills of the people they want to hire, and the entire recruitment process is thereby accelerated even more,” says Michal Kalousek of Direct People, who manages the project development.

Companies that already have experience with Profinaut confirm that they were surprised by how quick and easy it is. “I needed to find a new web and CMS supplier, so I tried Profinaut. We found an expert within three minutes. I chose his profile and sent him a text message. We immediately agreed on cooperation, and the problem was solved,” describes Michal Kardaš of Outboxers.

One day we will all be Profinauts

The aim of the project that was launched two months ago, is to change working habits on the Czech market and show firms that it is possible to find experts for projects by other means than just the classic and often lengthy recruitment process. The number of freelancers (consultants, programmers, lecturers, graphic artists…) is rising throughout Europe. The trend is fastest in Slovenia, Poland, Finland, and the Czech Republic is not lagging behind either: between 2005 and 2014 the number of freelancers grew by 27%, and there are currently more than 130 000 of them. (Source: Analysis LMC 2016, esp. Eurostat.).

“Surveys clearly show that young people in the Czech Republic want far greater flexibility. Only 30% of them prefer fixed, full-time working hours. However, the reality of the domestic job market does not reflect this at all. Only 6% of jobs offer shorter hours. That is why we came up with Profinaut,” says Adam Hazdra of LMC.

Czech Republic, Poland and other markets

In addition to the Czech Republic, Profinaut has also been launched in Poland, and further expansion is under way. The long-term goal is to have a single database of senior experts who will be able to work on overseas projects as well. “Job markets are ceasing to have borders. People want more freedom and an opportunity to gain interesting experience. The situation has been described appositely by an article in the Guardian: our parents had one job for life, we have six on average, and our children will have six at once,” adds Michal Kalousek of Direct People.