Introducing Logo Nuovo created by Pavel Fuksa

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20. 6. 2022
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We are growing. We are more optimistic and stronger in what we do. Therefore, it is time to move on in visual communication as well. After more than 10 years, we are changing the original logo for a brand that is direct and confident. The new visual identity plays with the shapes and colors that symbolize the diversity of our work. And the energy we bring into it. Pavel Fuksa is the author of change. 

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“When we were thinking about the Direct People logo back in 2010, we knew that the people around us were at the heart of all our work. Nothing has changed since then. The values, attitudes and respect for those with whom we work. But the number of people is constantly increasing. And with them comes the need for a visual style and the principle of combining maximum straightforward typography and illustrations as a system that is open to any project,” says Michal Kalousek, CEO of Direct People.

“The new Direct People logo combines human, organic elements with technical details, evoking the connection of future technologies with human art, attention to detail and an inimitable emotional layer that – thankfully – no machine can decode yet. The letters in the logo are trimmed at an angle of 38 °. Corporate identity in a limited shade of gray, bright expressive yellow, fiery orange and mysterious purple, works with ingeniously simple geometric elements, which – as building blocks – can tell any story, message and feelings,” says Pavel Fuksa, author of the new visual identity.

We believe that change is the only constant. The color logo of many meanings corresponds perfectly with our vision of inventing innovative products and services that have an influence and ambition to make people’s lives easier. The color palette communicates the diversity of areas as far as our forces reach.

Pavel Fuksa is a graphic designer and illustrator who became known to the general public in 2018 with a set of satirical presidential stamps and at the end of 2021 with an auction of fictional scripts of the University of Life, the proceeds of which he donated to health professionals. He previously worked as the creative director of Czech and foreign advertising agencies, participated in Barack Obama’s presidential campaign and worked for brands such as Facebook, Google or Mercedes. In 2014, Computer Arts ranked him among the top 30 graphic designers and Lürzer’s Archive among the world’s top 200 illustrators three times in a row.

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