Daniela Velová

Communications Director

I have almost 20 years of experience working in public relations, marketing and media. After finishing my degree in Czech Studies at Charles University I gained experience working in various publishing houses and media before starting as Public Relations Manager in ING insurance company. In ING I was working on its complete rebranding as Nationale-Nederlanden (NN). I led teams on big projects, was responsible for large contracts and was in charge of crisis communication. After six years in corporate world I went on to work as a freelancer on various projects including non-profit. At Direct People I make sure that everybody around us knows about the amazing innovations we do and I am responsible for making our Innovation Canapés and other events better each time.

My journey to Direct People

While finishing my studies at the Institute of Czech Studies at Charles University, I was already gaining experience working for publishing houses and media. When I got an offer to work in Public Relations (PR) I did not hesitate. PR – internal and external communication – offered a wide range of opportunities and daily contact with people which attracted me. After six years in the corporate world, I went on to work on the side of a client and later worked as a freelancer. That gave me an opportunity do many interesting projects including non-profit.

And how I ended up in Direct People? Well, by chance, as it happens. I have already known them because they did some work for ING and from my colleagues there I knew they were the best on the market. After the first meeting I was sold and I knew it would be a dream job for me. It still is.

Projects I have enjoyed

It is hard to choose, but I think one of my biggest experience was rebranding ING insurance company as NN. It was a big, interesting, international and demanding project, and there was not a lot of time for it. But we did it! I have also enjoyed all the crisis communication I went through. Never knowing how it is going to turn out is quite an adrenalin. However, when you have a strategy and you use a common sense and your own intuition, a crisis can be transformed into an opportunity and used to your benefit.

A few words about me

I am organised, effective and fast. I consider myself responsible so the deadlines are sacred for me. I like thorough preparation, bulletproof plans and professional execution. Humour is an essential part of my life, especially the absurd one. I am a member of a women’s movement Minerva 21 and have been a panel member in the Czech PR Awards for several years now.

I have always enjoyed sport and for a while it actually seemed it would be the main element in my life. However, I was whisked away by my interest in literature and Czech underground, so I switched athletics track for cafés, clubs and later auditoriums. I did not give it up completely and I enjoy yoga and scenic dance. I like photography and reading and right now I am most interested in education trends.

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