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How to hack a new field or how we entered digital business with LINET

LINET is a unicorn among Czech companies – number 3 in global medical and nursing beds production. And it keeps working on its growth and discovering new areas of development. Now together with us through SafetyMonitor.


App that conquered the job market

Lot of work, not enough people. Companies are now looking for ways to attract employees who are not even seeking jobs and make them consider change. This was the beginning of our cooperation with LMC, a company running the two biggest Czech online job portals – and


Loan from T-Mobile? YES from the customers

Being the best is not easy. T-Mobile does not take its top position for granted. It is constantly searching for new opportunities. When they decided to discover their potential in the area of financial services, we were there to help.


Mooveez or when movies entertain and teach a language

There are a thousand “proven” ways and methods that promise to teach you a foreign language – school, language courses, webinars, apps… Is there even a space for innovation in such a competitive environment? Sure there is! 

Levná tramvajenka

Levná tramvajenka – simple yet brilliant idea

Thousands of people cannot afford to buy long-term public transport passes even though it would be cheaper in the end. We set on to solve this challenge on our own and came up with Levná tramvajenka.

Komerční banka

Through HCD to your client needs

Goal: new products and services that would better respond to the real needs of clients. We took on the challenge, joined forces and helped to find them. Read how we did it in an interview with Monika Drobná, Innovation Head at Komerční banka.


How to know your customers while also raising sales

Betting – one of the most regulated, highly anonymous field. So how to find out who your customers really are so that you can effectively communicate with them? That was the task for us.


How to turn your employees into innovators

Even companies that have innovation in their DNA can benefit from outsiders input. That is the logic behind our Innovation Mind Program for 3M’s employees.

MBtech Bohemia (now AKKA)

How to stay #1 in the market

If you work in a certain field for long enough, have an energy and ambition and consistently produce good, high quality results, you will inevitably get to the top.


Business without investments is impossible

Interview with Jan Široký, IDC Regional Vice President, about “Diversification through Innovation” project, innovations in general, ambitions and reasons to hire an external innovation agency.


HN+: successful way to paid content

Paid online content – both a nightmare and a necessity for news providers around the world. Read how we found a successful model for Hospodářské noviny.


From due diligence to future vision

From performing due diligence of an acquired startup to representing EW abroad in order to close new business deals.


Innovation starts with knowing your customers

Knowing your customer = proven recipe to success. So we helped E.ON make the introduction and develop an effective communication strategy.

DencoHappel (now FläktGroup)

New opportunities for mature products

Fan coil units – mature products with very limited functional improvements in recent years. Until you find them a new market.

Česká spořitelna

Advocacy Moments – when all you need is joy

Sometimes it is just a simple favor and an unforgettable experience that help you retain your customers. Just like the one we did for Česká spořitelna.

Česká spořitelna

How innovation increased mortgage sales

Česká spořitelna wanted to increase the number of mortgages sold at its branch offices by 10%.


Clothes make the man – at work too

Problem: companies cannot pay their employees for the clothes required by their official dress codes. Solution: new service from Direct People.

Air Bank

Design Thinking as a part of everyday work

Inciting innovative culture is an innovation in itself. Read how did we do in Air Bank in an interview with Innovation Navigator Marek Hornych.