Kardi AI: a simple, precise and long-term heart monitor

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9. 6. 2023
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Reveals the undetected, prevents serious conditions and makes cardiac care cheaper. Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the Czech Republic. Annually, 120,000 people die in the country, 50,000 of them from heart disease. Data show that the Czech Republic has the 3rd worst incidence of cardiovascular diseases in Europe. Every year, approximately 300,000 patients are hospitalized due to cardiovascular diseases and their treatment costs insurance companies an average of over CZK 2.6 billion annually. 

In short, almost half a million people here suffer from some form of heart disease, 30% of them do not even know it. Yet early detection of the problem can rapidly reduce costs. On the other hand, undiscovered and therefore untreated arrhythmia can lead to stroke, heart failure or earlier onset of dementia in patients and place a heavy financial burden on the healthcare system.  

There is a solution… 

Now (year 2023) we are working with Kardi AI, a company that has developed a highly accurate, easy-to-wear and affordable home heart monitoring system. With artificial intelligence, it achieves ECG-level performance. But unlike that, it monitors, in combination with your doctor, evaluates the condition of your heart continuously, and if there’s a problem, your doctor will alert you that something is wrong and it’s a good idea to go straight to the emergency. In addition, MyKARDI is incomparably more effective in detecting problems than a holter, which has a long waiting time and a short-term measurement (given for 24 hours). Thus, MyKARDI is a great increase in safety for cardiac patients, easy monitoring of patients and prevention of serious conditions for hospitals, and a great cost saving for insurance companies for each cardiac patient. 

… now it just needs to find its way to patients 

But how to ensure its mass use by patients and hospitals? That is what is at stake and what we are currently addressing. We’ve had two dozen conversations with doctors, patients and insurance companies and we’re already starting to discover how to scale and expand this product wherever it can help. We’re talking to insurance companies and medical facilities. Keep your fingers crossed. This project has great potential to change not only Czech and European cardiology, but also other disciplines where cardiac activity measurement is an indicator of health status.

“We hired Direct People to give us an independent look at our go to market strategy of My Kardi product, to independently assess the effectiveness of our work so far in the eyes of patients and cardiologists, and  to help us achieve our goals. What they were able to provide us in less than a month exceeded my expectations. We are happy to call them ‘partner’, for the work that way in the truest sense of the word. We have already engaged them on a new mission.” said Stephen Burke, CEO of Kardi AI.

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