Josef Dvořák

Performance Innovation Leader

I have managed or been involved in more than twenty projects for different clients from different sectors during my career to date. Most of the time I have spent at corporations working on IT projects, gradually arriving at the conclusion that the most important aspect of success is common sense, something that is often lacking at corporations. In the future, I would like to bring products and services to the market that have meaning and that even my mother will be proud of. That is why I decided to join Direct People because that is exactly what they do and what they excel at.

My journey to Direct People

I began my career with an intelligence agency as the owner of an IT product in the field of searching for data and their analysis. Soon after I also became the Czech Representative of a NATO Working Group in this field. It was an incredible experience, but to be honest I didn’t really like the rigidity and often nonsensical functioning of state administration. My next move took me to the Deloitte consultancy company, where I took part in dozens of IT and strategy projects for clients from various sectors, occupying a variety of roles.

However, I often encountered the situation in which the customers were more interested in dealing with IT boxes rather than the needs of the clients/end users, something that unavoidably leads to the company that commissions the contract being dissatisfied at the end of project implementation. I looked for a way of how to truly achieve objectives for the business and over time ended up in Human Centered Design. For the simple fact that it is nothing about magic, but rather common sense. I gradually began to long for more freedom and flexibility and so I eventually decided to go somewhere where there are fewer politics and greater emphasis on the meaning of work. A friend recommended Direct People, and so here I am. 🙂

Projects I have enjoyed

One interesting experience I had, and one I like passing on, was when I was working on the implementation of a multi-million IT “box”. The contract included the supply of a mobile application that the client designed in the way they wanted, not in a way that would suit the end users. What is more, the client refused to invest 500 000 CZK in UX testing of the application with clients, saying that it needed to save money. Once the application had been supplied, however, none of the first 35 users was able to master it. The application eventually had to undergo a redesign, which including the implementation of the impacts of changes cost the company CZK 15 million extra. It was then that the customer realised that the view of the user is crucial for any product and that you need to think about it from the very outset.

I like looking back at my first IT project, the subject-matter of which was relatively unique. We had only one year in which to create a sophisticated “Google” for a news service that would allow users to easily search data in different languages, from different sources and in different formats, including audio-visual data, based on trivial questions, provide analytical tools, create reports with ease etc. I think I occupied just about every position during my time on the project and learned an awful lot in the process.

A few words about me

Experience has taught me that there is no need to be afraid of any problem or commission. Common sense, a willingness to learn something new and a bit of effort will help you resolve everything. I think I am able to see things in context and think strategically. I am honest and direct (sometimes too much) and I like it when those around me are as straight with me. I have enjoyed digging around computers since I was four and put together my first computer “machine” when I was eight. When I have time, I enjoy sport, listening to music, reading and learning how to play the guitar.

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