We are harmonizing the processes of LMC and Alma Group

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19. 7. 2023
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After a successful mission in the Czech Republic, we are now setting our sights on Slovakia. Our journey with LMC began in 2015, during which time we have built or assisted in building several products and services. It’s true that with each project, we move forward and discover new paths of collaboration. The same holds true for our first project, where we worked alongside not only LMC but also Alma Group, the parent company based in Finland.

In June 2022, we were invited to join the project and flew to Alma for an introductory meeting. Thus began a new chapter of cooperation. The task was clear: harmonize the processes of Alma and LMC and implement an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system in the Czech Republic, the largest entity within the entire group. Though we had a fairly clear assignment, it soon became evident that it wasn’t enough. What works in one country or company may not work in another… because of people.

And so, we embarked on our work: leading a team of 60 individuals across countries and departments, we devised strategies to facilitate effective communication and progress. To ensure sustainability and manageability, we divided the project into three main streams: billing & sales, purchasing, and cash management & payroll, finance & reporting. We mapped out all the existing processes, established new ones based on the Finnish template, and engaged in discussions with dozens of users to determine their concerns, needs, and desires. Subsequently, we delved into implementation. The initial version came together relatively quickly, followed by extensive testing. It was a monumental endeavor as our aim was to integrate seven (!) systems and localize them for LMC.

Despite the challenges and unforeseen obstacles along the way, we succeeded. Currently, we are fine-tuning the details and rectifying errors that inevitably arise in such a large-scale project. The result is a satisfied Alma and a determination to continue unifying processes in other subsidiaries. Therefore, we will be launching the same project in Slovakia in the autumn of 2023. More countries may await us in the future …

The prerequisites for success, or what we can’t do without:

Communication is paramount. English was not the native language for anyone on the team, and financial terms may hold different meanings in each country. Therefore, we often served as “translators,” explaining LMC’s needs and the implications of proposed solutions.

Conversations are invaluable. Through empathetic discussions and thorough examination of the current state, we discovered what works and what should be changed, enabling us to propose the best possible implementation of the Finnish template.

A large-scale project is primarily an opportunity. Digitizing and simplifying other related processes can enhance life within the company and yield unexpected results, even if they were not initially anticipated at the project’s outset.

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