With Red Bull we give wings to social innovations

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5. 11. 2019
Reading time: 1 min.

Red Bull Basement Hatch has arrived in Prague. It thus sets off a very first Red Bull event that brings together innovators, creatives, hackers, makers, simply anyone who cares about how tomorrow will look like and is not afraid to change it. On November 25 we come together at CAMP (Centre for Urban Planning Prague) to the evening full of inspirational debates, silent workshops and networking~party to seek solutions for challenges that burden/spin around/move around. We start at 16:30.

This unique event under the wings of Red Bull comes to the Czech Republic after celebrating great success in Brazil, Spain and the US. With the help of diverse teams it is looking for the most innovative and effective solutions to the most pressing problems of today.

The evening is hosted by radical innovator and urban hacker Tomáš Studeník. It will be started off with two inspirational debates on topics of the challenges. Silent workshops will then follow to shed light on how to approach these challenges and start looking for a solution. There you can tune to Petr Chreno, our Innovation Designer. He will focus on How to make sure that social innovation is not bulls**t. It will conclude with a networking~party with the great HRTL. 

The event is free. However, due to limited capacity, you need to register. That can be done using this LINK