Water over gold or how to face the water challenge together

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20. 3. 2019
Reading time: 1 min.

Water over gold. That is true today more than ever. That is the reason why it will be increasingly important to focus on ensuring self-sufficiency in terms of water management and independence on public water sources. Because the challenge of the future is not only the price of water but its mere availability.

With that in mind, we started an initiative that aims to connect companies, public institutions, ministries, technology and academia in order to tackle the water management challenge together.

On January 29 we hosted the first workshop, gathering more than 30 participants. We used this opportunity to define problems faced by companies. As a result we are now planning and preparing more activities. We do not want the upcoming challenges to take us by surprise – we will be ready.

Will you join us? Are you looking for a solution in this area that will bring you money or will at least save you some?

Get in touch and let’s find it together. Please contact our Innovation Leader Cyril Klepek at cyril.klepek@directpeople.com.