Project Management Conference

CZ  | EN
4. 9. 2020
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12. annual Project Management Conference is fast approaching. We couldn’t miss it and so this year we decided to prepare twice the load of information, insights and approaches to leadership. Because there is no one right way to lead your people.  Petr Šídlo and Jaroslav Mojžíš will spill what works for us and what to avoid at all costs as part of their joint presentation Leadership, innovations and project management as you don’t know it.

This two day event is charged with interesting speakers. With subtitle Connecting the dots, it aims at finding ways to each other. In the professional world we still often face the conflicts between seemingly opposing groups and topics – IT vs business, management vs employees, agile vs project management, but also youth vs experience or women vs men. How to navigate it, find common ground and learn how to step outside our own bubble?

We start September 16 at 9:00 in Cubex Center Prague. On the first day at 11:45 our Petr Šídlo and Jaroslav Mojžíš will take the stage with their joint presentation. Come join us and let’s discuss together. You can find the agenda and registration HERE.