PM Conference

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8. 9. 2021
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On September 22 and 23, Cubex Center in Prague will host 13. Annual Project, Agile & Leadership Conference. And we’ll be there. Not alone this time. We will present our three years of work for the global company LINET. And because every coin has two sides, our partner and project leader Josef Dvořák will be joined by Lucie Landová, project leader from LINET.

Those three years of our cooperation are full of successes. After all, we managed to launch products in 34 markets. However, it wasn’t always a bed of roses. Especially at the beginning it was a road interwoven with fails, misunderstandings and antipathy. How did we get out of it and what our project road looks like now? Come find out. You can register at We are looking forward to seeing you there.