One workshop, seven years of cooperation

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18. 1. 2023
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LMC is our longest serving client. We cooperated not only on Práce za rohem, but on a total of six projects. And we continue. For the seventh year. How does it happen that the collaboration lasts so long with short breaks? How come it is so prolific? And how come both sides still enjoy it so much? A lot of questions. And some answers below.

But step by step. For a quarter of a century, LMC has been helping people find jobs they are happy with. And not only that. From a well-known employment intermediary ( and, over time, LMC became a leader in the field of HR. And thanks to their innovation laboratory, of which we are a part, they are constantly creating new products and services. Ones that cultivate the labor market and serve both job seekers and employers.

From one discovery to cooperation on a number of important projects

Our joint journey began in 2015 with one small, in our language, so-called – “discovery” project. Its goal was to find out what troubles users and how it can be solved. Discovery brought so much knowledge about the market and people and their relationship to work that LMC still draws from them de facto today. They gradually choose from them and transform them into concepts. And we, thanks to the growing mutual trust and joy of cooperation, have been there for almost seven years in various roles and with varying intensity helping to make new things that fit the market.

So what did we participate in besides Práce za rohem?

We will start from A. I Atmoskop, which solves people’s need to know the company from the employees’ point of view, arose from the initial discovery project. We helped with testing and, based on feedback, suggested changes in the company evaluation process. The project was then fully taken over by LMC and developed into a successful concept. Today, there are more than 150,000 ratings and more than 30,000 rated companies on Atmoskop.

We had a similar role on the Arnold chatbot project, which talks to people about company matters and gets relevant insights from them. We helped with its discovery phase and prototyping.

Profinaut was a large and independent chapter. In the beginning, there was Easytask. Freelancer marketplace built for LMC by Filip Dřímalka, which ended after 4 years. And that’s why Profinaut came along – an app offering companies a quick connection with up to two thousand experts in more than 140 areas. Profinaut was founded in 2017 in the Czech Republic and Poland. And after two years he quit. But that also belongs to innovation. The main reason was the lack of projects and orders, as well as the failure to find a viable business model. We have pampered Profinaut since the initial idea. We were responsible for testing, prototyping and scaling, marketing and launching on the Czech and Polish markets.

Seduo is the largest Czech online educational portal with video courses from top lecturers. The project was based on the recognition that people prefer to grow in their existing company rather than change it. Seduo was created from the beginning by LMC. We jumped in later and helped with its development during the lockdowns, when we were looking for ways to use the portal even more for corporate education and distribution network training (B2B segment).

The last and newest project is Techloop. A blue-collar (i.e. IT and technology) recruitment firm bought by LMC. Techloop personalizes job offers according to applicants’ positions and experience, while remaining anonymous. We led the discovery project with the assignment of how to best use this acquisition. In other words, how can Jobs and Techloop recommend as many candidates as possible for digital positions on the Czech, Polish and Austrian markets.

The not-so-secret secret to success

We are a long-term partner for LMC and we are always there when they need us. When we thought about why it works for us, we came up with five points. It’s not a science. In fact, you could say that when the points are filled, it works elsewhere.

  • Great understanding. We use the same principles and methods of innovation.
  • Will and courage on both sides. LMC, like us, works with people and is not afraid to ask them.
  • Mutual trust. We believe in each other, we rely on each other, we are one team with a common cause.
  • Performance. We have the same pace, we do things quickly and we decide efficiently whether to move on.
  • Results. We have great results.

So that’s the magic we can do. And what is your recipe for successful cooperation?