Meet Databot. Chat with your data

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1. 2. 2024
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Databot based on generative AI is a revolutionary way to search documents. Forget keywords. Just ask what you need and you’ll get a comprehensive and structured answer. Just like from your smart colleague.

Databot – the assistant that actually advises you

Databot responds immediately to your questions and provides structured answers to even complex tasks in seconds. It never babbles. Its answers are based on the content of your internal documents and are therefore reliable. And if he can’t find the answer to your question, he’ll say so straight up. This makes keyword-based document searches a thing of the past.


How does it work? Simply

Just upload documents to the Databot and ask in natural language what you need to know. Just like you would ask your colleague or assistant. One of the advantages of the Databot is its ability to adapt to your conditions and internal systems. It can run on a variety of technologies – on premise, in the cloud, Microsoft, AWS or open source. And it can handle a wide variety of document types, whether it’s Excel, Word, PDF or PowerPoint.


Is it for me?

To make sure that Databot will be useful to you, we always experimentally test its value for individual use cases at the beginning. When it turns out that deploying it in your company makes sense, we plan the implementation of a production solution and then get to work. We’ll also create any materials for you to share with the company and train your internal team to be able to operate the database independently and get the most out of it.

When you deploy the Databot, you can also determine the bot persona, communication style and other parameters. And tailor the interface to your brand and visual style. Importantly, your data remains safe and is used only for your needs.

With Databot, you get a powerful collaborator that saves you time, improves work efficiency and allows you to quickly find the information you need in your documents. Change your approach to data search and employ our Databot.

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