Circular Czechia volume II. Download our new publication

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8. 10. 2019
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And there it is – Circular Czechia 2! On Tuesday October 8 – as part of our conference Czech Republic as a circular hotspot at the International Engineering Fair – we have launched the second edition of our successful study Circular Czechia. You can download it with just one click below.

The first edition was published in 2018. The simple fact that we have decided, together with our partners from INCIEN and JIC, to publish the new edition so soon after the first one only demonstrates how fast the innovation development is, how many businesses have rebuilt itself on circular business model and what potential it brings.

Despite more than 10 000 downloads, the truth remains that circular economy is still an unknown or theoretical concept to many businesses. And we want to change that. The goal of the second edition is to inspire companies, organizations but also cities and towns by successful examples of businesses that have decided to switch to circular business model. It offers an insight into 9 companies and lays out the challenges they are facing, their circular solutions and results they have achieved so far.

Download Circular Czechia 2 and let us know what you think about it. Enjoy the reading!
Download Circular Czechia 2 (PDF)