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10. 12. 2021
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It’s home! Wednesday December 8 2021 was the final DEMO DAY of the 4DigitalHealth Accelerator by EIT Health, which focuses on European startups in the field of healthcare digitalization. Our project with VR Medical, famously presented by Anton Titov – guess what – won. We’re overjoyed, because the effort put into it has paid off. It’s a challenging project, but also a beautiful one. And it’s truly innovative, because virtual reality has the potential (and we have the ambition) to improve parts of healthcare by leaps and bounds.

We thank the entire VR Medical team for their daily collaboration. Especially its CEO and founder Konstantin Novik and Jiri Fast from the JUFA investment group, without whom this success would not be possible.

“After projects for LINET, Olympus, IBM and other players, VR Medical’s success is clear proof that we are a trusted partner in bringing medical devices to the European and US markets. In just ten months we have managed to create a product with a transformational impact for patients, therapists and medical facilities, we have obtained a key part of the certification, we are running trials in several centers from which we are receiving promising feedback, and we are also in advanced negotiations with major international players,” said Petr Šídlo, partner at Direct People who is responsible for this project.

What is our project about?

Together with VR Medical, we are looking at how to use virtual reality in healthcare for the benefit of patients, medical staff and/or medical device manufacturers. Our key areas are rehabilitation, training (education) not only for medical staff and related sales support and after-sales service for medical device manufacturers.

What is 4DigitalHealth Accelerator?

We appreciate the award all the more because the competition is backed by the EIT, European Institute for Innovation and Technology, which supports pan-European initiatives and innovators who aim to transform key European sectors. We are grateful for the cooperation with DEX Innovation Centre, partner of 4DigitalHealth Accelerator in the Czech Republic.