TOP 3 thoughts of Inovační jednohubky #11

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14. 8. 2019
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Education, data and technology – Holy Trinity of the future of healthcare. That is what Zbyněk Frolík and Martin Wagner agreed on at Direct People’s 11th Inovační jednohubky (meaning innovative canapes). This time the topic was The Future of Healthcare and How to Use It in Business. It seems obvious and applicable to almost any discipline. However, in healthcare these three things are absolutely critical. After all, our lives are at stake

Out of Ice Age through education

We are experiencing Ice Age. Even a tiny detail can dramatically push us forward,” said Martin Wagner, who is focusing on healthcare digitization in his projects Provision and Zdravel, at the beginning of the discussion. He thus opened up the topic of new opportunities for healthcare segment. The first and most important one is focusing on education. “Any change process in healthcare starts with education. If we discover a meaningful startup focusing on this area, we must support it,” Wagner challenged the audience.

Data as a modern card file

Many more opportunities to improve healthcare have, according to Wagner, a common denominator – data. Be it connecting different healthcare providers and analyzing the data they collect or effective patient monitoring, the right data processing can significantly decrease the cost of healthcare provision and make it more effective. “At the end of the day, it is all about data. Why are we still not able to identify a person who is prone to cardiovascular disease on time? Or a person who neglects prevention? A doctor can find out with just one look into that person’s medical card. But he has 2000 of them,” said Wagner.

Innovations allowing for the right and timely detection of a risk patient, such as remote ECG monitoring using smartwatches, will play a key role. Wagner believes that in the future we will be able to schedule a doctor’s appointment with just one click.

Unburden the hospital beds or the new home doctor

Zbyněk Frolík, the founder and owner of LINET, the biggest hospital and nursing beds supplier in Europe, wants to go even further in using technology in the healthcare segment. “Let’s move patient care from hospitals to their homes and let’s monitor them there. Hospitals will still be there but only for acute cases,” he said, adding that fewer beds will make care provision more effective in the end.

The right use of new technologies is the key precondition for home care and high-quality remote monitoring of patients. However, such technologies are not available on the market yet. Despite that, Frolík remain optimistic and believes that effective home care will become a reality in the future. “Be it old people with reduced mobility or people after surgery, monitoring can help then get rid of the fear of not being under the hawk eye of a doctor,” concluded Frolík.

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