Online conference inAgile

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19. 11. 2020
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Agility represents the ability to quickly react to changes and new information, adapt and continuously improve possible solutions. It is extremely important in leading our projects and it’s one of the methodologies that we have been working with since the first day of Direct People. So it’s not a big surprise that we decided to take part in inAgile conference that is focusing on agile transformation, innovation and leadership. As with everything this year, there have been some changes due to the covid situation. But staying true to its name and topic, the organizers reacted quickly and the conference has been moved online. On November 24 you can thus join us from anywhere and tune in to our CEO’s Michal Kalousek and many more inspirational speakers.

What will Michal talk about? He will focus on his 10 years experience in innovations and what he’s learnt about agility. Every product or innovation has a story. Some are good, strong and with a happy ending. Others do not end well. Agility is a great tool that often decides what the outcome will be. But it depends on whether it is your master or a good servant. The form in itself (meaning the methodology and process in creating products) will never work without the right content (understanding the problem and having a creative approach to solving it). On the other hand a good idea and content are not enough to develop a commercially successful product. So how to find the right balance between the form and content? What are the key moments in the innovation process that determine the outcome of your efforts? Tune in and find out.

You can find more information about the conference and register HERE.