Linet vs covid or our small part in the fight against a pandemic

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1. 3. 2021
Reading time: 1 min.

SafetyPort is a unique digital platform that we’ve been working on with LINET for three years now. And since January, this platform has also been helping to fight covid 19 in the US. The first of many planned SafetyPort systems was implemented on 74 medical beds at a hospital in La Porte.

SafetyPort builds on excellent LINET hardware and extends it with a powerful, reliable and user-friendly software. It thus significantly saves time for the medical personnel. The change was immediate. “SafetyPort saved us from a potential covid catastrophe. It allows us to monitor positive patients more effectively and better prevent transmission,” say local nurses.

Work to develop and launch SafetyPort started long before the world first heard about covid 19. It is now helping to combat this greatest health challenge. Over hundred installations are already planned in the US, South America and Europe. And we are happy to be part of such a big project.