Future Port Prague 2017

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25. 8. 2017
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Future Port Prague: We’ll also be appearing at the festival of the future

On 7 September the Prague market place in Holešovice will be transformed into an exhibition of technological visions and trends. We look into the future, we innovate for the future, and so naturally we’ll be there.

Within the entire framework of Future Port Prague you’ll be able to try out various technologies, which are already taking effect and will soon entirely transform our world. But it’s worth noting that while technologies are important, it’s human needs that are the number one priority. Because nobody buys anything they can’t see the use of, that they don’t need for any purpose.

And this is what we work with at Direct People. We take our orders from human needs, while technologies come in second place. If you’re also looking at how to set the trend for changes in your field, then come and visit us in the Future of You zone, of which we’re a partner.