7 reasons why HCD really works

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11. 3. 2017
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Are you considering HCD, but you are not yet 100% sure you want to take this route? Here you will find out why you should definitely say YES to HCD.

Human centred design (HCD) is a creative approach to problem solving. In a nutshell, it is a set of sophisticated approaches and methods, thanks to which it is possible to manage innovation processes and minimise potential failures. That is because HCD lets people have their say, and only then, based on their wishes and needs, a product or service is designed, thus offering an innovative solution. Furthermore this method clearly shows what is the solution’s business potential.

HCD principle is simple:

In the first phase it is necessary to talk to customers and listen to them, so that it is possible to identify their needs and motivations.

In the second phase new ideas are generated based on what the customers have said. This phase also includes prototyping – a simple and cheap way of verifying customer interest.

In the third phase the prototypes are tested. The best solution gets picked, its business potential is verified and preparations are made for its implementation.

Innovating with HCD pays off

It’s a unique concept. Here are 7 reasons why it is the case:

  1. HCD helps companies understand their customers better. Thanks to HCD it is possible to obtain the customer’s perspective first hand.
  2. HCD demonstrates new opportunities. It discovers customers’ hidden requirements and helps to convert them into business opportunities.
  3. HCD transforms data and analyses into feasible ideas. Thanks to the structured process, it is possible to generate up to 200 ideas in 4 hours. Subsequent prototyping brings results within few weeks.
  4. HCD guides people to agreement and willingness to implement innovations. It is proven that frequent contact with customers increases team motivation to bring get through with the innovation.
  5. HCD provides fast evidence whether an idea has a business potential. Prototypes are tested in real life in order to bring real business results. No artificial focus groups.
  6. HCD encourages people in the team to come up with new ideas. Unsuccessful solutions are revealed quickly, and thus without unnecessary costs.
  7. HCD can be managed by virtually anyone. It is easy to learn and work with HCD.

Several firms have already seen for themselves that HCD really works. HCD is used by the Bank of America, Erste Bank, Allianz, SAP, Google, 3M, Apple and many more to seek innovations.

Will you join them?

Petr Šídlo

Chief Commercial Officer and Partner

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