Visualisation of gamified global training for LEGO employees

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It is not easy to gamify internal training for a company that is basically a synonym to game for people around the world. After a year and a half, seven sprints and intense cooperation with Court of Moravia and Digital Ants, we created a game that trains over three thousand LEGO employees worldwide. And it was a ride.

In cooperation with Court of Moravia, Czech design studio specializing in game design, we took part in designing the complete visual appearance of the gamified training. The goal of the training was to familiarize employees with changes in international internal processes by incorporating videos and educational presentations into the gaming environment. And then practice and test the gained knowledge. In addition to the design of the game (there is also a classic version of the training) in the marine and pirate environment, it was necessary to ensure that the game was culturally acceptable worldwide, as it is supposed to serve all branches of the company.

How does the game work? The player travels between islands and the goal is to get to the island where everything is simpler, clearer, faster… simply put more modern. So we created different visual types of islands based on the type of information that players learn there. And we equipped the islands with various tools and features such as presentations, videos or tests. We put together a graphic manual of the whole game, logo, fonts, visual form of emailing, explanatory handouts, forms for feedback and Q&A and many other materials.

The game was launched in early 2021 and we are glad that we were part of this nice global project.

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