Innovation starts with knowing your customers

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Innovation is not always just a product or service. At Direct People it is strictly forbidden to start designing before you completely understand the end user and his/her needs. Therefore, when E.ON approached us with wanting to get to know its customers perfectly and become the number one in terms of customer care, we were excited. During the two-month project we not only introduced the clients to E.ON employees but we also compiled and put in place a complete communication strategy.

Quality + quantity = persona

We divided the creation of the persona typology into two phases. In the first one we conducted in-depth individual interviews with more than three dozens of E.ON clients. In the second phase we focused on an extensive quantitative analysis on a sample of more than 1000 people over 18 years of age. By combining the results of both phases we got the final results – 4 basic types of personas that fit most of the E.ON clients.

Communication, communication, communication

Obviously simply mapping the personas was not enough. The most important part of the project was to make sure that E.ON employees understand them and thus the behavior, motivation and needs of their clients. Therefore we did a big internal communication campaign.

The goal of the campaign was to make sure that all the teams that communicate with or create products for customers understand who that customer is. We trained E.ON people to communicate with clients, understand what is important to them, how they choose their energy provider and what enforces their loyalty or makes them turn to the competition.

Once again, communication

The last phase of the project was to create an external communication strategy. For E.ON we designed a complete communication plan for individual personas that we subsequently put into operation.

About E.ON

E.ON Group is a traditional Czech energy provider. It has been on the Czech market since 1998. It supplies energy to 1,2 million customers and natural gas to over 220 000 customers mostly in southern Bohemia and southern Moravia.