How to stay #1 in the market

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If you work in a certain field for long enough, have energy and ambition and consistently produce good, high quality results, you will inevitably get to the top. That is MBtech Bohemia, leader in engineering services and key-ready projects for the transport industry. However, there is a downside to it as well – once at the top, there is a fear of making a mistake and a lack of time for experimenting. Unfortunately, it is usually the mistakes that take you the farthest. That is the reason why MBtech Bohemia approached Direct People. So we created a unique three-month “Innovation Strategy” program for key members of the company management.

Know your strengths

Over the course of the programme we jointly mapped the services portfolio performance, identified key competitive advantages and created a new strategic profile. We learnt to recognise unique competencies and strengths of individuals and teams within the company. Last but certainly not the least, we discovered a completely new market, with a great potential for existing and new services. Based on these observations we articulated 8 strategic areas and chose 3 that were the most important for the future development of the company. Two of these areas are in market segments where MBtech Bohemia is a relative newcomer, while the third area is focusing on the company’s long-term strategic sustainability.

Positive side-effects of innovation strategy

The project revealed customer needs, visions and trends that influence the future of this business and of the company itself. However the fundamental outcome of the project is not only a clear innovation strategy for MBtech Bohemia. Above all it is a mutual understanding, a team spirit and knowledge that the company management and its employees are pursuing a common goal.

About MBtech Bohemia (now AKKA)

MBtech Bohemia (now AKKA) is the leading Czech engineering company with global know-how. They are top experts in automotive, aviation and rail transport. They have been a member of the global technological group AKKA Technologies since 2012 before merging and becoming AKKA Group.