From due diligence to future vision

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How the long-term cooperation with Eurowag evolved from an initial due diligence to representing them abroad in order to close new business deals with potential partners.

Discovering new business models and opportunities in mobility for the new segment of small fleet

Business / Market verification of created concept of the complex mobility management

Representing EW abroad in order to close new business deals with potential partners

Our cooperation with Eurowag, the fastest growing integrated mobility provider in Europe, started more than four years ago when we helped them to perform due diligence of one of the startups they were interested in acquiring. In addition to the typical elements of Due Diligence, such as evaluation of results, organization, IT solution and other analyses, we also performed an extensive check of products fit to actual customer needs, in order to make sure that the company delivers products that meet customer demands.

Based on this experience, we started to work together and expanded our cooperation. We helped to formulate the components of the future Eurowag vision, bringing Human Centered Design techniques into the team. Our role extended from defining concrete Value propositions of future products to participation in future Business Architecture and Functional Design. We were also temporarily responsible for specific roles in the organization and helped with finding and recruiting the right candidates to take over these roles. Finally we also supported the process of successfully applying for a Payment Institution License with the Czech National Bank.

“We still insist on maintaining a critical Business and Product Ownership function within our organization, and we never fully outsourced it to Direct People. However, their approach, techniques as well as managerial experience brings us long term value in our Transformation Process to become the leading digital provider for on-road mobility. For us at Eurowag, Direct People are not just consultants with the right vision. They also have the ability to turn this vision into specific measures within our organization with the right understanding of its complexity, and help us make the right decisions.”

Mr. Klaus Burkart
COO and Member of the Board of the Eurowag Group

About Eurowag

Eurowag was founded just over 20 years ago, and today is the fastest growing integrated mobility provider in Europe – focusing on solutions to simplify the lives of commercial road transport companies. Whether it’s fuel & toll payments, tax refunds or fleet management – Eurowag is here to help customers moving 250 000 vehicles across Europe, Asia and the Middle East.