Pavla Kolářová

Junior Innovation Designer

I have studied art and did a 6 months internship at Royal Academy of Arts in Den Haag in the Netherlands. For five years I have been working in the world of visual design, for important and distinctive Czech brands. I am fascinated by the power of communication and visualization – their ability to excite, evoke emotions and get across diverse company messages. However, to do so, you must first understand that company. It was precisely my desire to understand client needs and build strategic solutions for them that made me pursue an internship at frog Design – a company working for big global brands including Facebook or IKEA – in Germany. 

I first met Direct People while externally working for them on a visual identity of StoryMe – a new product for Albatros publishing house. After finishing my German internship, I joined the team as Junior Innovation Designer. Working on projects I enjoy launching new products on the market and our ability to change how companies are perceived by their customers.

In work and life I value ethics and sustainability. I spend most of my free time traveling, visiting  galleries or in the mountains. Always with my friends, family or my dog.

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