UX Designer

I am an experienced UX designer. And my main goal is to create solutions that not only meet clients’ expectations, but most importantly, offer exceptional user experiences. I have done a number of projects in e-commerce and app development.

On the CARE project, I developed wireframes and prototypes for websites aimed at supporting small business owners. On the Ceske Ploty e-shop project, I led the research and development of concepts that fundamentally improved the online experience for customers. For Levná I redesigned the UX and UI frontend solution, which included designs for mobile and desktop applications. This greatly improved the accessibility and intuitiveness of the service. Redesigned “Zdravíjež” so that clinics could easily interact with zrdravíjež and patients could apply for financial support. For Generali Česká Pojišt’ovna, I designed the Digital Minimum questionnaire for employees based on user testing.

My work involves analyzing the user experience and implementing optimizations to enhance user satisfaction and efficiency. A wide range of projects allows me to continually develop my skills and deliver innovative solutions that truly understand and respond to user needs. At Direct People, every project is a new challenge that allows me to develop my passion for design and innovation.


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