Operations Manager

I am mostly operating behind the scenes. I usually do not attend client meetings, but I create background and support for all the Direct People projects. I am also responsible for a flawless production of our events. My goal is to make sure that everything works as it should. Besides that I also manage Levna tramvajenka as Project Manager and Head of Operations. I designed our customer care system and now I oversee that all communication is professional, effective and friendly.

My journey to Direct People

I studied Addictology at the Faculty of Medicine at Charles University. While I was still studying, I realized that if I will be working with drug addicts I will miss some significantly positive results. So I decided to try an internship in the field that I never studied but was always interested in – fashion. I became a stylist for InStyle magazine, fashion editor for Blesk pro ženy magazine and finally started to work how Zara – an international fashion chain.

After two years, I realized that even though I love and enjoy fashion, it should stay a hobby. I started to look for a job with inspiring environment and people. Accidentally, Direct People were at the same time looking for someone to join their team. I am really glad I took a chance – I get to work with a lot of experienced people which I enjoy. My work is to create a productive environment for our innovation designers and be the right hand to our partners. Even though I have recently received a job offer I would “kill for” in the past, I stay at Direct People – because they offer everything I want from a job.

Projects I have enjoyed

The project I have enjoyed the most and I am still enjoying is my work as such. It is so divers that describing it would not fit into this profile. And that is the beauty – no day is the same as the day before and my work always moves the entire company forward.

Few words about me

I learn fast and when I’m not a bit overloaded, I get bored. I put great demands on myself as well as others. I love processes, order and job well done. If I sign under something, it must be perfect.

I love fashion and everything that goes with. Beside that, my life is filled with music and Tv shows. I cannot live without animals, especially the fluffy ones, that fill me with unconditional love and joy. I also like tattoos, that map my life journey.

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