Barbora Neumannová

Senior Innovation Designer

I like doing meaningful things and doing them well. I guess I first realised this when I was 17 and organised a workshop for 200 students from my high school to show them the possibilities of international scholarships and programmes. The feeling of being able to do something impactful motivated me later on to study abroad several times, to work in an NGO, a university green office, a health innovation start-up or an urban mobility start-up.Today, to do something truly meaningful, you can’t be afraid to dig deep into the data. And to be able to do so, I switched my career from creative copywriting to scripting in SQL. After a year of analysing web data, I feel like I have the ‘best of both worlds’: creative & analytical. And the reason I was so happy to be joining Direct People is that I get to use it all in building innovation based on data.

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