Junior Innovation Designer / Junior Consultant (Warsaw)

Help us start the next big thing.

What will be your job?

  • you will be responsible for launching and market success of innovative products, services and business models
  • you will work with top companies to help them uncover hidden needs and potential than can be turned into groundbreaking innovations
  • building and testing prototypes of new solutions – we know how to say goodbye to ideas that don’t match expectations whereas we are not afraid to push hard on the best ones
  • testing your findings by designing and delivering real products and services – putting ideas to existence and standing face to face with real-life business environment

We are looking for:

  • great minds ready to give life to new ideas (even the crazy ones) that may later become new products, services or business models
  • creators with practical experience in design thinking/HCD, lean startup, service design or business model innovations
  • brilliant observers who know how to listen and which questions to ask to get a deeper understanding of people’s behavior and real needs. Ones that are able to distinguish assumptions and expectations from the customer’s actual viewpoint
  • curious individuals – we prefer individuality and a broad outlook over office rats that focus only on procedures and projects; people who question the status quo to the very end and want to look further around the corner to discover new possibilities
  • doers – who understand that an idea without execution is just a fantasy, so it would be great if you are at least as good in execution as you are in building concepts
  • fluent English and Polish speakers

If you are interested, please send your CV to poland+jobs@directpeople.com

Are you interested in joining us?