Innovation Designer

Having a positive impact on my environment has always been my mission. That is why I became a designer. I have experience in managing customer journey and process design but I have also led my own non-profit project and received several awards for graphic design. My studies revolved around arts, social sciences, design and subsequently engineering which gave me unique tools and insights to various areas. It allows me to see things from a larger perspective, translate seemingly disconnected principles from one area to another and catch all the important aspects in product design. As an industrial engineer and certified Black Belt I helped optimize processes in various companies using Lean Six Sigma methodology. During a transformation project I learned how to guide entire departments through the change process and I also worked on improving customer experience as part of customer journeys and corporate initiative called CX Factory in Berlin. As a sustainability enthusiast I enjoyed working on a project to design electric car public charging service and digitalization for integrated mobility provider in Europe.

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